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BEWARE of FICO Zombies!

Unlike movie Zombies, FICO Zombies are real.   

Who are they?  All those landlords that are slave to the FICO!  Honestly, they think they can mitigate risk by looking at your FICO.  I`m going to spell out some obvious points that you (non-zombies) understand.

  1. FICO doesn`t pay rent
  2. Rent payments are NOT reported on the FICO Credit Reports, so why look at a FICO Report to judge a renter?
  3. FICO punishes people who DON`T borrow money. Seriously!? So because a renter doesn`t want to borrow, they`re high risk.
    (I can hear you laughing... yes, it`s funny, go ahead and laugh)
  4. If you took higher education loans, you`re screwed.
    If you decided to stop after High School or didn`t accumulate student loans, AND instead are paying on those HIGH interest credit cards then you`re good.  
    Let`s review:  
    Going to school and getting Student Debt? Bad.  
    Not going to school and getting Credit Card Debt? Good.  
    Makes sense, right?

FICO Zombies don`t get it, don`t want to get it; they`re afraid to get it.  We`ve had a couple of landlords take 750 credit renters and have their apartments destroyed. Shocker!  


Watch this video and tell me how much sense it makes to still rely on a credit score...

We work with `bad credit` renters on the regular and our experience shows bad credit renters pay rent just fine.  Why? Priorities!  
Rent is important.  Landlord gets their rent.  Problem solved.

Here`s a typical conversation with a FICO Zombies:

FICO Zombie: They didn`t pay their library bill.
360TenX rep:  Let the bill collectors worry about that. Look at their rental verification, their last landlord wishes they stayed longer because they paid their rent on time for past 3 years.
FICO Zombie: Grhhaahhh!

Get my point?

Anyway, we have an antidote for FICO Zombie behaviour.  Come in to learn more.


Oh and before anyone gets the bright idea of using "FICO Zombie" we`re coining it, all rights reserved!

Have thoughts or funny experiences? Share! :)


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